Jul. 18th, 2013

balzacq: (prettyprincess)
Just got back from the clinic. I haven't talked about it much, but I got a vasectomy.

What with Jen suffering so much from her miscarriages and being unlikely to successfully bear another child, and with us already being so incredibly blessed with Thekla, and with me not really wanting to have to use birth control with my own wife, the way to go seemed pretty clear.

That said, it was a hard decision to make. Like any irrevocable decision, there's some what-if type remorse. But that's really balanced out by relief of the worry of putting Jen through another miscarriage.

Anyway, it's been an hour since they finished up, and the kicked-in-the-nuts feeling is evening out to a general "ow ow" level. I think the local is wearing off since I'm starting to feel the incisions. I'm really hoping that I heal just as well as I did from my previous surgery on my throat.

Ice and Percocet are to be my friends for the next couple of days. :-)

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