Goodbye Leo

Jan. 9th, 2015 11:16 am
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Today I said goodbye to my big orange old man kitty. I can remember the day my coworker turned over this tiny fluffy abandoned kitten he'd found. I had no idea then that he'd live an incredible twenty years.

He instantly adopted Jen, and again instantly became Thekla's old man kitty and best friend.

He was a sweet little pouncy kitten, a grown up Adventurer Cat, and in his later years a demanding grouchy pain in the ass. But he always loved all of us so much, and was always ready to cuddle, usually with a sharp little reminder that he was ready for petting too.

I will miss you so much, Leo my house lion. Goodbye.

Some other cat
Is king of cats
Because the King of Cats is dead.

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Just finished the finale of True Detective, and holy crap that was one of the best things I've seen in a long time. Just thinking about the boss fight or Cohle's hospital speech is still making my hairs stand on end.

I noticed that the post-finale commentary by Nik Pizzolatto completely failed to mention what Cohle saw in the tunnels -- when we realize that there's a whole lot more to Carcosa than a weird pagan cult/conspiracy with a pet serial killer. If this is going to be an anthology series, and this was the last we'll see of Hart and Cohle, will the next season(s) stay on the Yellow King story line?

Also, what was with all the accents on the killer? It seemed like there was more going on there than -- again -- Pizzolatto talked about in the commentary. He said something like they were children who had been left alone together forever, but it really seemed to me and Jen like there was more than one person inside his body. Was the English accented voice the Yellow King? The one that the woman said was "everywhere"?

Side note: all season I've been thinking that the theme song sounds just like Behind the Wall of Sleep. I went and played both of them on youtube just now, and yep, I was right. :-)

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Happy 19th birthday to my crotchety grumpy orange old bastard of a cat. I hope you have many more -- Thekla and Jen and I need our grumpy old man kitty to keep us company.

And yes, you're still a lion.
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Just got back from the clinic. I haven't talked about it much, but I got a vasectomy.

What with Jen suffering so much from her miscarriages and being unlikely to successfully bear another child, and with us already being so incredibly blessed with Thekla, and with me not really wanting to have to use birth control with my own wife, the way to go seemed pretty clear.

That said, it was a hard decision to make. Like any irrevocable decision, there's some what-if type remorse. But that's really balanced out by relief of the worry of putting Jen through another miscarriage.

Anyway, it's been an hour since they finished up, and the kicked-in-the-nuts feeling is evening out to a general "ow ow" level. I think the local is wearing off since I'm starting to feel the incisions. I'm really hoping that I heal just as well as I did from my previous surgery on my throat.

Ice and Percocet are to be my friends for the next couple of days. :-)
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Small/near-term, large, and "someday" projects...

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The @#$%@# bedroom is done. Well, almost done.

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Jun. 3rd, 2012 09:36 pm
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... and sills and jambs and doors and floor patches (oh my).

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Lots of progress on the back bedroom -- it's getting close enough to done to see the end of the road.

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Asked Thekla to put her coat on and looked over her shoulder at her easel, where she had TOTALLY WRITTEN HER OWN NAME.

She did this all on her own, never mentioned it to us. Okay, so she's still not discriminating between "A" and "H", but I'm still incredibly impressed.

She was continuing to scribble after putting her coat on, so we gave her a fresh sheet, and she promptly drew "herself":

I asked what the little lines under the face were and she said they were her feet. Now, when I was a kid I subscribed to Cricket magazine, which had reader-submitted drawings in the back of every issue. The ones of people from the 3-year-olds always were of a head with legs, and I always wondered why. Years later, I read an article that said that very young children always draw people as heads-with-feet and only start adding bodies and arms when they're 4 or so. So I guess Thekla is right on schedule with her representational art. :-)
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When we moved in, there was essentially a rhododendron tree in the corner of the front yard. We had it trimmed back to bush size, but Jen has always hated it. So I finally decided that I needed to get over my fear of chainsaws and get rid of the damn thing.

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Still Here

Sep. 3rd, 2011 12:06 am
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Right. The earth did not open up and swallow us whole along with our house.

The back bedroom project is still underway, though. After gutting it back in March and April, we pretty much ran out of time and money. In May I was able to get all the framing done: I filled in the existing exterior door, framed two windows, added a real closet, and created a rough door opening where the end of the hallway once was. In June or thereabouts I was able to buy a roll of wire and run the almost all the electrical. And there I stopped for a couple of months.

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Last weekend I started on the back bedroom/hallway project. The plan is:

• Gut down to the studs
• Frame in the door to the outside
• Add a window to that wall
• Take out the existing closet wall and move the doorway back to the bathroom wall
• Add a real closet and a reading nook
• Rewire properly
• Add attic stairs to the hallway ceiling
• Lay down a plywood floor in the attic for storage
• New drywall and moldings

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Half the tax return went to making the rubbish pile go away. The treehouse six or eight months ago was the beginning of it, and then there was huge amounts of demo from the basement. See, the previous owners finished half the basement, but they did it wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. So I had to take out all the non-pressure treated wood in direct contact with concrete, all the badly nailed-up drywall, and all the slightly mildewy insulation.

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The weird corky-foamy boards between the ceiling joists completely hidden by the rockwool insulation are not asbestos! Hooray!

That means I can really get going with renovating the upstairs without having to worry anymore. Next on the list: the back bedroom and hall.

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Um, wow.

Jan. 8th, 2011 07:51 pm
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We're sitting having dinner and Thekla starts calling out "THWEE! TWO! KAY! AY! CEE!"

Jen and I just assume that she's talking her usual non sequitur conversation, until I look where she was looking and notice this:

This... )
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 Jen made me a new avatar picture. <sniff>

New Job!

Nov. 16th, 2010 11:00 am
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After nearly three years at Intelius, as of December 1 I will be moving to as a senior web developer at a substantial salary increase!

As well as mo' money, I'll also get way more ownership of the product than I have at Intelius, since we're going to be creating a custom e-commerce platform geared to the business model and transaction pattern, and the group of 5-6 senior devs will be collaborating on design. And as a bonus, it's in Pioneer Square! (I've wanted to work in downtown Seattle since I moved to the Puget Sound region twenty years ago.)

Which incidentally means I can easily take the bus to work (and pretty much have to since they don't pay for parking), which means I can now read a lot more than I get to nowadays.

(And by the way, a hearty endorsement to LinkedIn as the facilitator of all this. About a month ago I finally joined up and put in my profile, thinking it was little more than "Facebook for business people", and lo and behold a week after that I started getting emails from recruiters.)

The business is "private sales of upscale baby and mommy clothes and gear at a significant discount". The funny thing is that they do all their photography in-house at the main offices, so walking in was sort of like entering the set of Ugly Betty or The Devil Wears Prada, except that all the clothes on the racks are only thees beeg. :-)
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Thekla peruses her first This Old House magazine…


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