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Today is Victory in Iraq Day!

Originally called by Zombietime, and echoed by bloggers around the world, today is the day to celebrate the end of a long, hard-fought, and contentious war.

Originally published at No Clever Pseudonym.
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Blogger Zombietime says what most of us have been thinking for some time: the war in Iraq is over. Major combat operations, the Baathist insurgency, the al Qaeda jihad, the Sadrist uprisings, the Sunni holdouts, the sectarian death squads. All beaten.

There is no serious fighting still going on. What is left is a few diehards (like those Japanese soldiers in the jungle who refused to surrender), criminal gangs, and Iranian infiltrators. There will continue to be suicide bombers, a nagging low level of insurgent violence, and an occasional flareup, but as Zombie points out, similar things are happening today in India, Mexico, Thailand, the Philippines, and lots of other places we would never consider to be "at war."

The Bush Administration, the Obama Administration, and the media will never declare a victory for their own separate reasons. That doesn't mean it's not true.

It's time to celebrate another victory for American arms, and the defeat of a large number of very very bad people. Zombie arbitrarily chose November 22 to be Victory in Iraq Day.

Go read the whole thing. Really.

Originally published at No Clever Pseudonym.
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