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Half the tax return went to making the rubbish pile go away. The treehouse six or eight months ago was the beginning of it, and then there was huge amounts of demo from the basement. See, the previous owners finished half the basement, but they did it wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. So I had to take out all the non-pressure treated wood in direct contact with concrete, all the badly nailed-up drywall, and all the slightly mildewy insulation.

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Yesterday I got cc’ed on an email from my real estate agent to the seller’s agent saying “get me the hold harmless agreement since my client’s contractors will be in tomorrow” (meaning today, Tuesday). I sent him an email saying, “no, they’ll be in on Wednesday the 2nd” and he emailed me back saying he got the date wrong.

Last Friday I gave the roofers the go-ahead to do the necessary work, and the head guy said he’d see if he would be able to schedule the help for the 2nd and that he’d get back to me Monday (yesterday). After not hearing from him and leaving a series of more and more worried messages, I contacted our agent, who apparently had the guy’s cell number.

That’s right, he got the date wrong and thought today was the 2nd. He and his crew are out there at the property right now working on the roof.


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