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Just finished the finale of True Detective, and holy crap that was one of the best things I've seen in a long time. Just thinking about the boss fight or Cohle's hospital speech is still making my hairs stand on end.

I noticed that the post-finale commentary by Nik Pizzolatto completely failed to mention what Cohle saw in the tunnels -- when we realize that there's a whole lot more to Carcosa than a weird pagan cult/conspiracy with a pet serial killer. If this is going to be an anthology series, and this was the last we'll see of Hart and Cohle, will the next season(s) stay on the Yellow King story line?

Also, what was with all the accents on the killer? It seemed like there was more going on there than -- again -- Pizzolatto talked about in the commentary. He said something like they were children who had been left alone together forever, but it really seemed to me and Jen like there was more than one person inside his body. Was the English accented voice the Yellow King? The one that the woman said was "everywhere"?

Side note: all season I've been thinking that the theme song sounds just like Behind the Wall of Sleep. I went and played both of them on youtube just now, and yep, I was right. :-)

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